BOTTA EcoPackaging is well-known for its continuous Innovation mindset within the packaging industry, adapting to international trends and promoting circular economy within the Packaging sector. 

Our Vice President, Business Development and Innovation Manager, Lara Botta, has been selected as the winner of Tecnovisionarie International Award 2020, for Interpreting Circular Economy Through Innovation.  The prize is awarded every year to women who, in their professional life, have proven to possess vision while maintaining the values of social impact, transparency, and ethics.

The award states the reason behind Lara Botta’s award in being “the ability to connect with people from apparently different sectors and worlds and managing to trigger new ideas from them and experiment into new products and services in order to find solutions or improvements. It is the ability to connect what looks like apparently irrelevant ideas and information, and connecting them into new and original ideas that spark off the best innovations”.

Interpreting Circular Economy Through Innovation

BOTTA EcoPackaging has undertaken an innovation path as an SME, promoted by our VP – Lara Botta who is an example of female leadership in sustainable development among social entrepreneurs. Thanks to this strategy, BOTTA EcoPackaging has experienced the continuous transformation from the stereotype of an Italian mature sector family company to a dynamic and modern business. We have focused on Research and Development on new eco-friendly packaging products, aiming for a more and more sustainable packaging industry and society. 

Our innovation into paper-based Eco-packaging products has solved the problem of both sustainability and safety in packaging required by key customers. For this reason, BOTTA EcoPackaging has been chosen to be Case Studied in research and books about @ Packaging Design and @ Green Business Sustainable Packaging.

In addition, BOTTA EcoPackaging believes and welcomes international exchanges and views new cooperations as a potential for cultural as well as business growth. In the adoption of R&D through Open Innovation, BOTTA EcoPackaging has cooperated with Italian and top foreign universities, as well as hosting foreign Master students for internships. The diverse ideas and perspectives arisen thanks to the international environment and debate have encouraged the creation of new products and services: our free-to-use Pallet Calculator is an example of this teamwork.. Packaging with purpose is one of our mottos and being able to supply, not only the Eco-Packaging products but being able to help our customers optimize the pallet load in order to save space, money and transport trips was something we thought could benefit both the client and the environment we live in. Offering the service free of charge also meant that even smaller companies who may not have the resources to access fully customized pallet optimizers for their warehouses could have access to this service which could benefit the environment as a whole.

Promoting sustainable cellulose packaging

Lara Botta has also recently been selected as an Opinion Leader for the project “Sustainable Packaging: voice to the Experts“, promoted by COMIECO, the leading Italian Consortium for Paper and Cellulose-based packaging Recycling. This is a solid recognition of BOTTA EcoPackaging’s commitment to sustainability. 

The focus on paper-based products as the main material which is “Circular by Nature”, as Fefco promotes. BOTTA EcoPackaging has come up with a variety of paper-based packaging solutions for different purposes: such as Eco-Sleeve, EcoSleeve Plus or Eco-Pluripaper for fragile goods, Eco-Envelope for Ecommerce, Eco-Net as inner packaging for cosmetics, etc. 

Through these products, BOTTA EcoPackaging wants to convey the company’s passion for corrugated cardboard and paper, as well as the enterprise’s responsibility for environmental matters. This has been an adventure since our foundation as a family business, in 1947 by Ms. Alfonsina Botta, up to becoming a role model among Italian SME’s thanks to innovations that have reached international markets. 

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