Die-Cut Paper-padded Envelopes

Die-Cut Paper-padded Envelopes are 100% compostable and 100% made from recycled paper.

  • 100% recycled paper, these Paper-Padded envelopes are fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable.
  • Printing available upon request.
  • With automatic closing flaps, easy to use allows time-saving in the packaging process.
  • Perfect protection of the product thanks to its inner Paper cushioning.
  • Ideal to send or store books, CD, DVD, flash drives, cosmetics, medicines, hardware, pipework, etc.
  • Standard dimensions: 110×160/120×207,5/150×207,5/180×260/220×260/220×330/240×330/270×360/300×440/350×470
  • Eco-friendly  for a perfect package!

    Die-cut paper-padded envelopes are made out of recycled paper. The most significant characteristic of these envelopes is the padding inside. The structure is made by two main layers and another die-cut layer of paper inside. In the middle of those two layers is placed a netting shaped padding also made out of paper.

    The padding prevents hits and damages on the content inside the envelopes, therefore the possibility that products in the paper-padded envelopes will arrive broken is low.


    Additional value of paper-padded envelopes is also the possibility to customize the printing and choose among different standard dimensions, such as: 110×160/120×207,5/150×207,5/180×260/220×260/220×330/240×330/270×360/300×440/350×470


    From the sustainability point of view, die-cut paper-padded envelopes are also an eco-sustainable alternative solution to replace plastic bubble padded envelopes.

    100% paper structure enables easy recycling of die-cut paper-padded envelopes and, at the same time, is one of the be sustainable packaging solution.

    Paper-padded envelopes: why recycling is important

    Paper made envelopes are made out of recycled paper and can be easily recycled; in fact, they are also biodegradable. Nowadays, customers are aware of sustainability and are looking for recycled based, eco-friendly, easy to re-use or recycle packaging solutions.

    Our envelopes help our clients to reach their sustainability goals and protect their products during transport, at the same time.

    Once used, our envelopes can be easily recycled and compost, so that then they can be turned in another packaging again.

    In this way, the circle of recycling is connected and preserve the environment. Our paper-padded envelopes are, therefore, a perfect eco-packaging solution.

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