ECO-PLURIPAPER / Protective Cushioning Cardboard

Cushioning paper in sheets or in rolls, in colour or avana, customised printing available.

Choose Botta Packaging’s Eco-pluripaper compared to virgin paper alternative and save 850 Kg Co2 equivalent of Green House Gas emissions* for every 1000 products!
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* Environmental impact estimates were made using the Environmental Paper Network Paper Calculator version 4.0. For more information visit

    Cushioning Paper provided in sheets or rolls, brown or with customised printing.

    Recyclable, biodegradable, non-slip and adaptable to protect and divide your products throughout the logistics chain. Cost-effective solution that will allow you to optimize warehouse space and reduce disposal costs.

    Eco-Pluripaper is a product with vast potential for use. Designed as an ecological replacement solution to bubble wrap, it has the characteristics to be used as an alternative to corrugated paper reels, also called canetè.

    Thanks to its embossing, the EcoPluripaper sheets can be used as anti-slip in the various layers of boxes on the pallets, thus decreasing the amount of plastic stretch film necessary for the stability of the pallet during transport.

    The Eco-Pluripaper is simple to use, has a protective function for the most fragile products, absorbs shocks and vibrations, prevents the risk of perforation, separates objects during transport.

    EcoPluripaper is adaptable to the product to be wrapped for the packaging and protection of objects.

    The paper is sturdy, thanks also to its composition in knurled paper with a cushioning effect. The material used for the product is 100% recyclable and ecological paper. Its thin thickness allows to optimize spaces (with all the advantages of sustainability in terms of storage and transport), keeping product performance unchanged.

    The product is also ideal for the construction sector, for the protection of materials and to cover them from possible impacts, remaining economical and efficient.

    Eco-Pluripaper is also recommended for removal companies: it allows to optimize the space inside the packaging, separate the objects and protect them during transport.

    For various reasons it is therefore a sustainable packaging product that will help reduce your environmental impact.

    Eco-Pluripaper is available both in rolls and in sheets, natural brown or colored, with the possibility of having a personalized print.

    • 100% recyclable paper;
    • Made entirely of paper, pressed to create a protective cushioning effect
    • Optimization of the space in the packaging; (decrease in the number of transports needed)
    • Non-slip, thanks to its knurling (Reduction of stretch film)
    • Environmentally friendly;
    • Embossed to cushion shocks
    • Different types and weights of paper available
    • Extremely easy to use and rapid in packaging
    • Adaptable to the product;
    • Customizable sheets with prints and logos / brands

    Eco-PLURIPAPER Protective cushioning cardboard in sheets or rolls, natural brown or colored, with the possibility of personalized printing.

    Eco-PLURIPAPER Protective Cushioning cardboard in sheets or rolls, natural brown or colored, with the possibility of personalized printing.

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