Eco-PAPERbubble® is a sustainable packaging solution to protect small products.              This design product is entirely made of paper, Eco-PAPERbubble® paper sheets can be used to protect products by wrapping them or filling spaces in packaging.

Main Features:

  • 100% paper
  • Raw materials from renewable sources
  • 100% recyclable in paper
  • Sold in sheets measuring mm 580×380,
  • Suitable for filling empty spaces
  • Suitable for wrapping products and protection

Life Cycle Assessment, available upon request. 

    Eco-PAPERbubble® is the perfect solution to ensure the protection of small size and fragile products during transport, such as cosmetic products or electronic components, thanks to the solidity of this packaging and its wrapping capacity.
    Furthermore, Eco-PAPERbubble® is an excellent alternative to fill in the empty spaces inside the boxes used for shipping products.

    Main features:

    Eco-PAPERbubble ® is a designed and sustainable packaging solution that allows companies to gain added value in the eyes of their customers: it is a pragmatic demonstration of ecological commitment, which requires a low investment cost precisely because it does not need the request of a dedicated plant.

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