Eco-Net / Stretching Inner Part


A unique solution to protect your products: ecological, flexible and design!

Detailed description

Our Eco-Net is an innovative packaging solution with the protective net: a stretching inner part you put in a box that protects a fragile product against damages during transports. This Eco-Net has the following characteristics:

  • Ecological
  • One solution for different types of products
  • Ideal for luxury goods
  • Packaging volume optimised
  • Unique and innovative pattern with elegant design
  • Ready to recycle
  • Customized size
  • Easy to use and to install the net into the box and put the product between two net layers
  • Available in different colours: black, white or brown
  • Customized printing available
  • Strong structure to withstand the transport, so the products will be delivered intact
  • Unique unboxing experience


If you are looking for a customized box for different types of products, then our Eco-Net system is the perfect solution for you! It is a system box to protect your products. The box has two Eco-Net.

First, you place the bottom net into the box and put the product on it, that you want to send, then you add the other Eco-Net on the top and close the box: now is ready!

Your product is then well packed and protected in our box with the Eco-Net packaging solution.

The Eco-Net has a stretching inner part that adapts itself to the shape of the product inside the box and ensures it does not move during the transport.

Added value

Innovative and unique design – the Eco-Net is actually a piece of corrugated cardboard paper. The surface is designed with a uniquely developed net and has four twisted corners, that enable Eco-Net to be placed firmly in the box.

Eco-sustainability – the paper material is recyclable and adds additional value to the net.  This Eco-Net will be a perfect eco-friendly solution with a unique design that will give protection to your products.

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