Eco-Consultancy for Sustainable Packaging

BOTTA Packaging
offers you an Eco-Consultancy service to find the best sustainable packaging for your business. We have become specialized in Eco packaging, offering consultancy to those who need or want to improve the Corporate Social Responsibility through their packaging.

Our Eco-Consultancy will help to:

  • make your packaging eco-friendly
  • reach the environmental impact goal
  • increase your corporate social responsibility

We help our clients reach their environmental impact goals, by analyzing their current packaging usage and propose Ecological alternatives to decrease their environmental impact, in line with their company’s mission/message.

Eco-friendly packaging alternatives

Corrugated cardboard represents a great eco-friendly material: 100% recyclable. All the packaging products made out of corrugated cardboard/paper are a great alternative solution to plastic packaging or other packaging made out of non-eco-friendly materials.

Some of the eco-sustainable packaging products made out of 100% recyclable paper or corrugated cardboard:

A large number of customers prefer to choose a brand that uses eco-friendly packaging. Consequently, eco-friendly packaging helps to make your products more competitive on the market. Using sustainable packaging will also reduce the negative impact of your business on the environment. Packaging, made out of cardboard is easy to collect and easy to recycle; cardboard is also biodegradable and compostable and therefore much more sustainable.

Increase your corporate social responsibility

Resorting to our Eco-Consultancy, you will also improve the CSR which is one of the most important key factors for the success of a company. The responsibility towards society and the environment, together with the customers’ needs (nowadays, customers are more and more environmentally conscious),  is crucial.

Thanks to the adoption of sustainable packaging solutions, which also improves your CSR and helps your company to reach the sustainability goals, the environmental impact of your business will decrease and you will also meet the customers’ requirements and the market’s demand.

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