What is Eco Friendly Packaging & Why should we use?

It is 2019. In this day and age consumers of all kinds of products are aware of the consequences of using non Eco-friendly products, and importance of using Eco friendly packaging more than ever. Even more, according to a research done by Nielsen Media Research, 55% of global consumers in 60 countries say they are willing to pay more money for products that are committed to have a positive impact on social and environmental aspects.

Packaging’s materials are always a questionable topic.  Packaging appearances are the first things that the consumer sees and touches when they receive your product. It is the first impression you are giving to your customers. Therefore it matters. And recently, the consumers are changing their product choices depending on the impact its packaging has on the environment.

Eco Friendly Packaging
Eco Document Pocket Wallet

What is Eco Packaging?

Eco Packaging, also called Eco Friendly Packaging or Green Packaging, is packaging which is made of a material that is either recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. So the aim of using ecological and sustainable packaging is that of ultimately minimizing the amount of harm to the planet.

Eco Friendly Packaging
Eco Document Pocket Wallet

What are Eco Friendly Packaging materials?

Eco-Friendly materials are those materials that have a positive impact on the environment or at least cause no harm. They are usually recyclable, reusable and safe for humans, animals, and nature. They don’t contain anything toxic for the planet and are solely made of natural and organic materials. Also, the process of making these materials should not produce any non eco-friendly by-products. Generally, they are produced in factories and facilities which are attentive at the sustainability of their plants carbon footprint and sustainability.

There are many categories of Eco products but the most famous ones are those below:

  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Cardboard
  • Some Plastics
Eco-Net/Stretching Inner Part
Eco-Net/Stretching Inner Part

Some of the materials are eco friendly because they can be reused or recycled. Some others are ecological because they’re biodegradable. Disposing of biodegradable products is not a problem because they eventually return to the place they come from. For example:

Paper: It is a great option since it is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. Therefore one of the best options for eco friendly packaging.

Cardboard: Just like paper, cardboard can also be reused, recycled and is biodegradable. There is no doubt that this is another very good candidate for eco packaging.

Biodegradable Plastics: These materials are special kinds of plastics often used in the making of plastic bags for food. They begin to decompose when exposed to sunlight, humidity or by the help of various microorganisms inside the earth.

Compostable plastic bags: Compostable plastic bags are better alternatives for eco packaging than biodegradable plastic bags since they are made with natural fibers from plants such as wheat and corn.

Why should you use Eco Friendly Packaging?

The impacts of non eco packaging are huge. So huge that around one third of all domestic waste is made from the packaging. And most of them are usually made out of many layers of different materials which are very hard to recycle. So, minimizing this non-eco packaging is the key to reducing our harmful waste.

To be able to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, we should lean towards eco friendly packaging.

What are the advantages of Eco Friendly packaging?

  1. Possibility to reduce, reuse, recycle sustainably.
  2. Cutting Down Carbon Footprint
  3. Developing and improving the brand’s appearance
  4. Broadening up your customer base
Corrugated Paper-Padded Envelopes
A good example of Eco Packaging Corrugated Paper-Padded Envelopes
Corrugated Paper-Padded Envelopes
A good example of Eco Packaging Corrugated Paper-Padded Envelopes

What is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging is the one where the development, production and use of it improves sustainability. It includes all the supply chain, from R&D to production, as well as sales, marketing and disposal of the packaging. Sustainable packaging requires more analysis and documentation to look at the package design, choice of sustainable materials together with the processing and life cycle of the package. Nowadays, companies are increasingly pushing their actions up on eco-friendly packaging to reduce their carbon footprint.

Eco- Sleeves/Elastic Corrugated Bottle covers
Eco- Sleeves / Elastic Corrugated Bottle covers
Eco- Sleeves/Elastic Corrugated Bottle covers
Eco- Sleeves / Elastic Corrugated Bottle covers

Why should we use Sustainable Packaging?

Some aspects of sustainable packaging are required by regulators whereas others are choices taken by individual packagers. Investors, employees, management, and customers will influence company choices and facilitate set policies. Once investors request to buy stock, firms acknowledged for their positive environmental policy become enticing. Potential stockholders and investors see this as a solid decision: lower environmental risks result in a lot of capital at cheaper rates. Corporations that highlight their environmental standing to customers will boost sales in addition to increasing product reputation. Going green is a vital investment factor which will pay off.

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