10 Features Of Eco-Sustainable Envelope

Sustainability and Eco-Sustainable envelope

Our eco-sustainable envelope is made of 100% recycled paper, is recyclable and also biodegradable. It is a great example of an eco-sustainable product, based on renewable material. After the use, it can be recycled again and as a result, less forest and the environment is affected or damaged.

Corrugated paper-padding

Paper is known as one of the best sustainable materials, it is recyclable, biodegradable, made of renewable resources and perfect material for eco-sustainable packaging solutions. Our corrugated paper-padded eco-sustainable envelope is made out of recyclable paper.  Therefore, it is one of the best ecological packaging solutions for sending documents, small items, CDs, photos, etc. or any other kind of smaller products that need to be shipped by post. It is a good packaging solution especially for companies that respect the environment and give importance to eco values.

This eco-sustainable envelope has some very practical advantages for packaging different kind of products: it is easy to use, safe and lightweight. It has a protective inner corrugated paper layer that protects the items inside the envelope, it has adhesive closing flaps and it is an alternative to a plastic bubble-padded envelope.

Corrugated paper-padded envelope features:

– 100% recyclable
– Safe
– Versatile
– Cost-effective
– Renewable
– Based on natural materials

Renewable side of packaging

The fact, that eco-sustainable envelope does not cause harm to the environment like other non-ecological products tells us that it is a green packaging solution that can meet customers’ demand for taking care of the environment. This is why it satisfies the market needs for eco-sustainable products that are in continuous evolution.

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