5 Best Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas

Here you are 5 simple and common packaging ideas for different types of products. Check our suggestions and find the perfect solution for you.

1. Corrugated Paper-padded Envelope

This paper envelope is produced out of recycled paper that is also recyclable after use. Instead of using envelopes with plastic padding or plastic bubbles, use a paper envelope with corrugated padding. It is a great substitute that ensures the safe shipping of the products inside and is eco-friendly.

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Paper envelope


2. Corrugated cardboard Eco-Sleeve

Practical protection for bottles, round objects, boxes, and gifts, that features elasticity. The round sleeve is opened on both sides and enables you to put inside the object, that is well protected. Additionally, the corrugated cardboard sleeve is easy to recycle.

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3. Paper cups

Paper cups are used especially for hot drinks like coffee and tea. They are widely used all over the market due to its eco-friendliness and recyclable material. These cups represent a brilliant alternative for plastic cups but are durable at the same time and easy to collect and recycle.

Paper cup


4. Food biodegradable salad bowls

Similar to paper cups, they are made mostly out of recycled paper. The lightweight and durable paper ensures good water resistance and durability, so the bowls can contain food for a longer period of time without getting destroyed. Biodegradable bowls, like coups, are versatile for multiple purposes and types of food.

salad bowls


5. Cardboard box

It is mostly made out of corrugated cardboard and is one of the most practical packaging ideas for any type of usage. Since it is widely used for packaging, the dimensions are standard and even customized to meet your needs. The material can be obtained from the recycled paper or newly produced paper pulp out of trees. The cardboard box is also easy to reuse, collect and recycle.

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Cardboard box

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