BOTTA Packaging keeps up with the times and launches its line of eco-sustainable Packaging products

For several years now Botta Packaging has launched its line of eco-sustainable Packaging products following the market trends that are, year after year, increasingly oriented towards the choice of eco-sustainable products in various fields: food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, clothing. etc.

Besides, as also stated in the Business Insider online magazine, based on a survey carried out by Hotwire  in January 2019, 47% of internet users around the world have confirmed that they have changed brands if the latter was not in line with their personal values ​​and the non-protection of the environment was among the main reasons reported that push consumers to change company.

Botta Packaging has, therefore, launched a range of eco-sustainable Packging products that over the years has expanded more and more, in line with the company’s Purpose, that is, in terms of sustainability, to offer eco-sustainable Packaging products, facilitating its customers in achieving its Sustainability Mission and, aspect not to be neglected, doing a benevolent act for the environment.

Regarding the eco-sustainable Packaging products, Botta Packaging has been described as an “expert in sustainable packaging” by Comieco.

Among the eco-sustainable products of Botta Packaging we mention:


  • Eco-Sleeve Plus, sleeve-shaped eco product ideal for fragile cosmetics, jewelry, pharmaceuticals and other types of bottles
  • Eco-Paper Fruit Tray, fruit tray in ecological paper pulp
  • Eco-Pluripaper, protective embossed cardboard in sheets or reels, brown or colored, with the possibility of customized printing
  • Eco-Sleeve, ideal eco product to protect cylindrical objects, in glass or ceramic
  • Eco-Envelopes, corrugated-paper padded envelopes 100% recyclable. These Eco-Envelopes have been the protagonists of the collaboration between Botta Packaging and Esselunga, as well illustrated by the article of Largo Consumo.

If you are interested in the entire range of eco-sustainable Packaging products of Botta Packaging, click here!


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