We are incredibly excited that our collaboration with Essenlunga as a supplier of Eco-Envelope is generating a buzz in the packaging industry.

It is such an honor to be featured on important bodies of the sector around the world like UbuntoPackaging StrategiesPackaging Connections, Packaging360, Ecoist, Packaging Technology Today, Unipack and Sustainable Packaging News Magazine. At Botta Packaging, we are constantly working on offering more and more quality sustainable packaging solutions and for that we deeply appreciate the recognition.

Our Eco-Envelope is an ecological and sustainable alternative to the traditional bubble wrap bag, thanks to its protective corrugated paper padding. It offers excellent protective solution for even the most fragile products during home deliveries and is only one of many of our Eco-Products range. For more information click here.

Check out our feature on:

Ubuntoo (Global) 19.05.2020

Packaging Strategies (USA) 19.05.2020

Packaging Connections (India) 19.05.2020

Packaging360 (India) 22.05.2020

Ecoist (Japan) 03.07.2020

Packaging Technology Today (USA) 22.07.2020

Unipack (Russia) 24.07.2020

Sustainable Packaging News (England) 16.09.2020


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