The Concept of “Frugal Innovation” in the sustainable packaging world – the record of BOTTA Packaging at the L’Italia in Fabbrica Podcast

Once again, Botta Packaging establishes itself as an opinion leader in the field of eco-sustainable innovation and the so-called “Frugal Innovation”; Botta Packaging was, in fact, the protagonist of the podcast L’Italia in fabbrica through the figure of Lara Botta, Business Development and Innovation Manager of the company.

The interview focused on the concept of Frugal Innovation and how the company adopts this philosophy of “doing more with less” in the field of eco-sustainable packaging innovation: the creation of the online portal and the recognition of the Tecnovisionaire Award 2020 for having interpreted the Circular Economy through innovation, are just two of the several results achieved by the company thanks to innovation.

If you want to listen to the complete interview, click here!

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