Sustainability is like a brand : BOTTA on MILANO FINANZA

Consumer’s attitude is changing, in fact, he is more and more a protagonist (or prosumer), attentive to the values that encompass the brand and the product, and wants to be involved also at the packaging level. The sale of products that adopt the criterion of sustainability is growing, and the sustainability of packaging weighs as much as the quality of the product. 23% of consumers read product packaging to find out where it should be recycled. That’s why companies are trying to implement a change in their supply chain, adopting new solutions deriving from the new market paradigm based on sustainability and circular economy: the endpoint of this supply chain is distribution, and therefore also the importance that must be given to the packaging.

On the basis of these premises, BOTTA Packaging has participated in MMF2021 to bring its expertise on eco-packaging, represented by VP Lara Botta who spoke at the workshop dedicated to Sustainability and Circular Economy.

Milano Finanza dedicated an article to this topic, taking up part of the speech.

At BOTTA Packaging, our mission is to help brands find the packaging that best suits the product, but also their sustainability goals and in line with the demands of the market and consumers.

There is a new market trend in a constant expansion that concerns sustainable packaging, which BOTTA Packaging has been able to capture, in which it is necessary to define corporate sustainability in the round that considers the entire supply chain: from the product to the packaging that covers it, which incorporates the values of the brand and the corporate mission.

Sustainability has become a priority topic for every company and BOTTA Packaging plays a fundamental role in packaging. Our goal is to create custom packaging, but not only, but that also goes beyond being a package that carries a product and becomes itself a recognition of the company and the brand, which speaks of a constant commitment to sustainability.

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