Eco-Self Seal Cardboard is the perfect sustainable packaging solution suitable for all cylindrical products, such as bottles. Eco-Self Seal Cardboard is available in rolls and is made of corrugated cardboard and is coated with a self-sealing adhesive that adheres to the product protecting it without leaving marks on the surface; this prevents the product from moving inside the packaging during transport and handling, thus ensuring greater protection.

Italian ATICELCA Certification for Paper Recyclability.

Eco-Self Seal Cardboard

Main features:
  • Made from recycled paper
  • Paper Recyclable
  • Natural-based adhesive
  • Available in rolls h300mm x 90mtl, to pack products of different size
  • Easy to use

Eco-Self Seal Cardboard is the perfect solution if you are looking for a sustainable packaging solution to protect your products during transport: it ensures adherence to the product, preventing it from slipping or moving inside the box.

The main feature of Eco-Self Seal Cardboard is that its adhesive adheres to the product holding it in place, but without sticking as it is designed to adhere only to its surface and nothing else.

Design and composition make it suitable for use in many industry sectors such as pharma, beauty, food & beverage, e-commerce and many others.


Eco-Self Seal Cardboard is made of recycled cardboard and coated with natural latex self-sealing adhesive. Storage life of not more than 6 months is recommended to ensure its natural adhesive qualities. The natural-based adhesive can be separated by filtration, during the recycling process.


Eco-Self Seal Cardboard is eco-friendly (made from recycled cardboard) and is recyclable in the paper.

Its unique design and composition make Eco-Self Seal Cardboard the perfect green solution to protect fragile products during transport, adhering without leaving marks on the surface, also preserving them from dust and dirt.

Moreover, Eco-Self Seal Cardboard is easy to use: the sides of the sheet adhere to each other by a slight pressure, without any heat or otherwise, thus making the packaging process faster and optimized.

Last but not least, Eco-Self Seal Cardboard is an eco-friendly protective solution that will allow you to care about both design and your sustainability goals; according to market trends and consumers’ willingness to buy products with eco-friendly packaging.