Corrugated Paper-Padded Envelopes

Corrugated Paper-Padded Envelopes are recyclable and completely made out of paper (both inside and outside).

  • Paper: protective layer in corrugated paper, which gives rigidity and resistance to the envelope, polythene-free.
  • Corrugated Paper-Padded Envelopes give the same protection as classic air-bubble padded envelopes thanks to its paper cushioning.
  • Made out of recycled materials and 100% recyclable.
  • Easy to recycle: one material only:  Paper
  • Customized printing available upon request.
  • Internal standard dimensions: 110x160mm / 120×207,5mm / 150×207,5mm / 180x260mm / 220x260mm / 220x330mm / 240x330mm / 270x360mm / 300x440mm / 350x470mm
  • Ideal to send or store books, CD, DVD, documents, etc.
  • Certified by Aticelca 
Detailed description

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Completely made out of paper 
  • Corrugated paper with a protective liner
  • Paper cushioning ensure protection as  air bubble-padded envelopes
  • Rigid and resistant
  • Customized printing available upon request.
  • Standard dimensions: 110×165 mm / 120x215mm / 150x215mm / 180x265mm / 220x265mm / 220x330mm / 240x330mm / 270x360mm / 300x440mm / 350x470mm
  • Ideal for sending store books, CDs, DVDs, documents, etc.

Corrugated paper-padded envelopes are ready to be used for shipping different kinds of products. They are the perfect solution especially for e-commerce, products of smaller dimensions, low weight and simple use.

With our corrugated paper-padded envelopes you can send products that are solid but still need to be protected during transports. Our envelopes are useful for e-commerce that sell different kinds of products.

  • recyclable and ecological
  • cost-effective
  • different sizes available
  • lightweight

Our corrugated paper-padded envelopes are made out of recycled paper, which is a light material and ensures a great level of protection. Eco-friendly envelopes are easy to be collected after use and recycled again. Envelopes have two layers: the main layer made out of kraft paper and a corrugated layer inside.

The corrugated layer is placed on both sides of the envelopes to give them the ability to protect the content during transports. On the open-end side of the corrugated paper-padded envelopes there is a top flap with the adhesive tape – the top flap is also made out of kraft paper but is not padded with corrugated paper.


The paper is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. With our sustainable Eco-corrugated paper-padded envelopes you will make your business more sustainable.
Since the recycled paper is also biodegradable, it has another positive effect on protecting the environment.

In fact, our Eco-Corrugated Paper-Padded Envelopes have been certified by Aticelca for its level of recyclability.

With eco-friendly products, you can improve your brand identity and CSR, increasing sales and protecting the environment as well.