Eco-Paper Strapping is the new paper alternative to hold any type of packaging.

It is made of recyclable paper, so it is recognized as eco-friendly. Moreover, thanks to its adhesive, it has an excellent resistance that makes it perfect for any solution.

Paper Eco-Reggia adheres to any type of material, giving the packaging total security during transport.

Eco-Paper Strapping is available in rolls, with a width of various sizes:

  • The smallest band is 5mm wide x 4000 linear meters. It has a strength of 25 kp.
  • The intermediate strip is 9mm wide x 2000 linear meters. It has a strength of 45 kp.
  • The largest thickness is 12mm wide x 2000 linear meters, with a strength of 55Kp.

The various sizes available make it adaptable to any type of situation.

  • Made of recyclable paper
  • Its adherence makes it perfect for any type of packaging
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Ideal for strapping boxes as an alternative to plastic straps
  • The Rolls can be used in standard strapping machines