How to reduce packaging costs: some advice

Reducing packaging costs without compromising quality and design is not a simple thing. Read on to find out everything you need to know!

ridurre i costi del packaging

Packaging of poor material is not always convenient

Replacing high quality packaging materials with cheaper alternatives may seem like a good idea to save money, but very often it’s the other way around. As you can imagine, lower prices and lower quality go hand in hand. If at the end of the trip your product is damaged, the cost of return together with the perceived quality of your brand will have a much more expensive cost than having invested in a good quality of cardboard. This is just one of many cases where cheaper alternatives to packaging materials can end up costing you more than what you have saved.

Small changes for big savings

Reducing the size of your packaging by one millimeter can lead to big savings in the long run.

The smaller packaging not only has lower production costs, but also has lower shipping costs. Do not forget to also consider changing the shape of your packaging.

There is no reason why a triangular product should be in a rectangular box, for example. Botta Packaging has designed a trapezoidal box to allow you to optimize storage space along with transportation costs.

Reduce packaging costs by keeping it light and using multi-height packaging

Instead of opting for cheaper materials, opt for lighter but more robust materials. It is important that they can act as a barrier against damage and contamination. We propose the use of packaging at different heights that reduce costs by reducing the number of different references, and thus increasing the production lots – without compromising on the quality and performance of the packaging.

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