Eco-Sleeve Plus arrives on the eco-sustainable packaging market

Botta Packaging has recently launched Eco-Sleeve Plus, its new eco-sustainable packaging product and it is worth to underline the potentials and effectiveness of this product, which, less than a week after its release, had already been featured by two important foreign magazines :



Eco-Sleeve Plus, in fact, turns out to be the perfect eco-sustainable packaging solution for fragile cosmetics, jewelry, pharmaceutical products and other bottles. In addition to being an eco-sustainable packaging solution, the benefits of Eco-Sleeve Plus also derive from its particular composition:


  • An inner part made of corrugated paper
  • A flat exterior surface


On the one hand, the corrugated paper offers a cushioning and protective effect to the product, moreover the particularity of the flutes that fit perfectly together they hold as well as favor the storage of Eco-Sleeve Plus flat, thus saving on storage space and number of transport trips and consequently reducing the polluting effect.

On the other hand, the external surface makes Eco-Sleeve Plus an eco-sustainable packaging product with an attractive design that can be customized by printing at the customer’s request.