At Botta Packaging: we are at the forefront of the technologies adopted in the company. We have introduced targeted technological innovations, to meet customers’ needs efficiently and in a short time.

Thanks to the agile sharing of information, our dedicated team follows the customer closely during all stages of the order, to ensure their demands are satisfied. A structured, efficient and reliable team, with a high level of know-how and experience and with an eye to the market,  for new trends, partnerships and innovation.

We firmly believe in continuous improvement to meet the changing needs of our customers, so as to be their single point of reference for all their packaging needs.

With this in aim, we have recently updated our website to improve the user experience with the help of new digital technologies. Our new website uses a Chatbot system to offer assistance and meet the needs of our customers  even remotely.

The layout of the website has also been renewed. We  have chosen to use the Fefco models to identify each box to help our customers easily find the exact box they are looking for.

We have also made adjustments to our website to be more mobile-friendly. From our site you can also connect to our social profiles to stay up to date on the latest industry and company news.

Botta Packaging represents the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

The close attention we give to new technologies has always distinguished us, in fact we have contributed to the testing of the RTS system, and are one of the first companies in Italy at adopting it.

Click to see the article that RTS has made on us posted on Converter and paper industry.

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