Botta Packaging holds certifications in several areas: quality and environmental management (ISO), we have adhered to the Italian Code of Responsible Payments (CPR), we have the possibility to use raw materials from controlled forests and free from disputes Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), all our boxes have the Resy mark that certifies that they have been all produced with recyclable and recycled raw materials, we are members of the Italian Group of Cardboard Manufacturers (GIFCO) and the Consortium Comieco.

We are also members of the Unione Industriali Grafici Cartotecnici Trasformatori carta e affini della Provincia di Milano (GCT) since 1963.

In our more than 70 years of activity we have won numerous awards, here are some:
In 1977, the Institute for the Guarantee Mark awarded us the “Golden Plate for Entrepreneurial Merits”,  in 2003 we won the “Milano Produttiva” award from the Milan Chamber of Commerce, In 2018 we won the “Entrepreneur 4. 0” Award from the Milan, Monza Brianza, Lodi Chamber of Commerce. We will receive it on June 10 at the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan during the official ceremony.

The results obtained in our customers’ Vendor Rating show the continuous efficiency of our performance, proven over time.


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