Botta Packaging is a family company, based in Trezzano Sul Naviglio (Milan) Italy, it has been producing corrugated cardboard packaging for over 70 years.

The company was founded in 1947 by Ms. Alfonsina Botta, then passed on to her son Floriano who is now supported by his sons: Flavio and Lara.

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Becoming part of the Group Ondulati Maranello in 2007, Botta Packaging now has two corrugators available and 10 production lines distributed in numerous locations in Central / Northern Italy to produce any type of corrugated cardboard packaging. This partnership is an indication of constant attention to market needs and a desire for growth with a view to improving the service offered which, thanks to this new alliance, can now be defined at 360 degrees, from paper production to packaging.

The company represents the right combination of tradition and innovation, thanks to the know-how and experience accumulated in many years of activity and technological innovations introduced in the recent years.

Our strength

Our highly qualified technical staff, various production lines distributed in different locations and a wide range of printing technologies, allow us to have a complete customer offering.

Our services include packaging accessories, a readily available range of boxes, as well as Packaging Optimisation (Lean) Consultancy.

Custom packaging solutions:

We produce single-flute as well as multiple-flute corrugated cardboard, which we transform into any packaging solution your Company may require! Our range of machinery can cater from small to very large production runs.

Your one-stop shop 4 packaging!

Corrugated cardboard boxes, Die-cut boxes, Wrap around, Fan Fold, Packaging Accessories, Just In Time, customisation, Packagigng Optimisatio (Lean) Consultancy.

Why you should relay on us?

We are a customer-oriented company, to meet the different needs of packaging considering packaging as an important marketing lever.

We strongly believe in the continuous innovation, to be able to face and predict market and our clients’ demand.

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