Eco-Single Bottle Pinch Top Box

Eco-Single Bottle Pinch Top Box is the innovative and original solution to safely transport a single bottle through courier or delivery. The bottles are wrapped and protected by Flexi-Hex® and then placed in the box.

The innovative, patent-pending box is made exclusively of FSC-certified paper, without the use of any kind of plastic. It is paper recyclable and biodegradable.

Thanks to its intelligent design, it is ideal for e-commerce.

It also improves the consumer’s unpacking experience thanks to the tear strip that allows easy opening. This innovative packaging engineering reduces the chance of breakage.

The Eco-Single Bottle Pinch Top Box is compact and lightweight for economical shipping.

It is available in different sizes: for one, two or three bottles, up to a maximum height of 320 mm. The box can be customized with your company branding for suitable quantities.

  • Original and innovative solution for bottle delivery by courier service or delivery
  • Used with Flexi-Hex which wraps around and protects the bottle at the sides
  • Avoids breakage
  • Made of FSC certified paper
  • Recyclable and biodegradable
  • Patented
  • Available in different sizes: for one, two or three bottles
  • Customizable with company branding for suitable quantities