Eco-Self Seal Cardboard: the sustainable protective solution customers are waiting for!

BOTTA Packaging is proud to launch its latest eco-friendly packaging innovation: Eco-Self Seal Cardboard!

Eco-Self Seal Cardboard is the perfect sustainable packaging solution for all fragile and cylindrical-shaped products, such as bottles. Its design and composition make it suitable in several industry sectors, such as pharma, beauty, food & beverage, e-commerce, and many others.


Eco-Self Seal Cardboard is available in rolls and is made of corrugated cardboard coated with a natural self-sealing adhesive, that adheres to the product protecting it without leaving marks on its surface; Eco-Self Seal’s adhesiveness also prevents the product from moving inside the packaging during transport and handling, thus ensuring greater protection and also preserving it from dust and dirt.
The natural-based adhesive can be separated by filtration, during the recycling process making it an optimal Paper Recyclable Solution.


Eco-Self Seal Cardboard is easy to use: the sides of the sheet adhere to each other by a slight pressure, without any need for heat or chemical substances, thus making the packaging process faster and optimized.
Last but not least, Eco-Self Seal Cardboard is an eco-friendly protective solution that will allow your brand to ensure both design and help reach your sustainability goals; in accordance with market trends and consumers’ willingness to buy products in eco-friendly packaging.

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