For less than a week after being launched, our innovation in sustainable packaging: EcoSleeve Plus has gained the significant global accreditation. The product appeared on Packaging 360 (India) as a new solution for cosmetic packaging and the online magazine Sustainable Packaging News (UK) as a new headline in Circular Economy.

… So, what has made up its distinction?

In fact, fragile bottles require many layers of packaging and usually plastic bubble wrap is used for their safety. Packaging Waste Statistics from Eurostat stated that around 174 kg of packaging waste was created per capita in EU in 2017. Majorities of Ecommerce platforms like Amazon or Ebay have worked hard on cutting down packaging layers.

…. And EcoSleeve Plus was born to help enterprises acquire their sustainable goals by reducing their product’s packaging layers. Indeed, its composition made with male to female flutes for its inner lining helps in space optimisation, adding to the advantages of cushioning the products . In the meantime, its outer flat paper cover gives an aesthetic appearance for your product packaging with the possibility for printing. Due to these reasons, EcoSleeve Plus could be used to avoid any friction which may damage the labels and print on the primary packaging.

In addition, EcoSleeve Plus is designed to save logistics costs .

EcoSleeve Plus can save time during the final packaging process and consequently, costs. Its sleeve-like shape simplifies the packaging process for workers since no complex manipulation is required. One merely needs to slide the EcoSleeve Plus along the bottles or flasks. As a result, labor productivity will increase in the packaging stage and costs will be optimised.

In terms of space optimization, EcoSleeve Plus itself could be stored in its flat state to minimize storage space due to its ingenious female to male flutes in the two layers. When being used as packaging, its outer flat-paper cover limits thickness of the package size as a whole, reducing loading space on pallets or vehicles, transportation trips needed and costs accordingly.

EcoSleeve Plus is Circular by Nature.

Its main material – recycled paper -makes EcoSleeve Plus a product for sustainable businesses. Also, it is environmentally friendly because, unlike plastic bubble wraps or plastic airbags, EcoSleeve Plus is recyclable in Paper, providing an eco-friendly solution for packaging waste treatment.

Innovation can come from small changes; replacing all plastic paddings and wrapping for your bottles by using a single EcoSleeve Plus, can create a positive impact to the environment. It is also widely recorded that the end consumers are eager for and notice these sustainable packaging changes and will support your company in the journey heading towards packaging sustainability.


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