Eco Fix-Sheet

Eco Fix- Sheet is made out of paper covered with millions of small polyester dots that fix your boxes or any other type of packaging on the pallet. With the eco fix-sheet, you will prevent damage during transportation.


Our Eco Fix-Sheet is made out of recycled paper covered with millions of small polyester dots. These dots enable boxes to be fixed on the pallets since they prevent slipping. Despite the fact that paper, as a recyclable material, is covered with small polyester dots it is eco-friendly. Why? The amount of small polyester dots on the surface is small enough to meet the standards.

Due to polyester dots, the Eco Fix-Sheet fulfils its purpose to successfully fix the boxes or other packages between them, on the pallet. It ensures the right grip, that allows pallets to be safe even under dangerous incline and handling.

Characteristics of our Eco Fix-Sheet:

  • Made of eco- friendly and recycled materials
  • Able to hold boxes fixed on the pallet even under the incline
  • Reusable
  • Available in different, customized dimensions and colours
  • Moisture and water-resistant sheets available
  • Suitable for various packaging products with different sizes
  • Ideal for protecting boxes from slipping
  • Perfect for warehouses, containers and especially for transport pallets
  • Easy and quick to set between two surfaces

Eco Fix-Sheet is Reusable & Sustainable

As an eco-sustainable product, the Eco Fix-Sheet is also reusable and easy to handle. Waterproof sheets are also available, and this is the perfect solution in case the charge can get in contact with moisture or water, usually during the transport especially outside (if it is rainy) or if the packages contain or leaks liquid so that the antislip effect is granted and no water or moisture will damage the charge. Thanks to its protected surface with waterproof material, the eco fix-sheet is able to challenge different conditions.

The added value of our Eco Fix-Sheet is that it is sustainable, can be easily recycled and re-used!

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