Airbag en papier

To solve the problem of empty space in the container, you need our Paper Airbag. It is easy to use and to be placed between the products. Therefore it will protect the content from unnecessary damage during the transport!


The Paper Airbag for containers is inflatable cushions of various sizes thus filling the empty space in containers. Therefore, the load is safe and stable, effectively protected against the expensive damage that may occur during transport.

These are features of the Paper Airbag:

  • no damage during transport;
  • easy to use and position;
  • reduction of loading and unloading times;

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The Paper Airbag for containers is an inflatable cushion of various sizes to fill the empty space in truck containers. Therefore, the load is safe and stable, effectively protected against the expensive damage that may occur during long transport.

These are the features of the Paper Airbag:

  • light
  • safe
  • prevents damage during transport in a truck or container
  • fixes heavy items on the pallets during the transport
  • easy to use and install
  • enables easier transport
  • made out of kraft paper
  • the material is ecological and eco-sustainable

How to inflate paper airbag?

Paper airbag is very easy to install between the items or products in a container: first, you have to place all the products firmly and with the right distance between each other and between the sides of the container. Then place paper airbags between the items and slowly feel them meanwhile paying attention that the products are well fixed. To fill the airbag you need a machine with compressed air which you inflate into the airbag through the nozzle. Flex nozzle should be pressed right down until it reaches the stop ring. After filling, turn the inflator slightly and grip in the cone will be released. The filled airbag will hold the air inside and hold the pressure without losing it.

What is kraft paper?

Kraft paper is a special kind of paper, produced with a kraft process. Our kraft paper is made out of recycled paper but has high elasticity and tear-resistance. Known also as a sack paper, it is designed for packaging products mostly in the manufacturing sector, where the transportation of products demands strength and durability.

Our Paper Airbag is eco-sustainable. In other words, it is made out of eco-friendly material and can be recycled. Using ecological materials helps to protect the environment especially in the manufacturing sector, therefore promotes sustainable packaging.

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