Eco-Paper Inner Packaging

Eco-Paper Inner Packaging is a reliable alternative Ecological solution designed to enhance the functionality of product packaging while drastically reducing the environmental burden at the same time. Made entirely from natural ingredients, our eco-efficient inner paper packaging is a featherweight interior that can be engineered to fit a wide range of products for various industries including Pharma, Food, Luxury, Cosmetics and Electronics, guaranteeing the utmost protection. Customised colors and designs are available upon request to fulfill our customers’ needs for effective product presentation.


  • Paper Recyclable
  • Biodegradable and Compostable
  • Customised for excellent product fit and protection
  • Made 100% from bio-based materials
  • Low Weight
  • Low Carbon Footprint

Eco-Paper Inner Packaging is a foamy-structured interior that delivers excellent product fixation and protection against particles and scratches. The material can be engineered to to meet any customised requirements:

  • friction fit
  • clamping features
  • embossing
  • debossing
  • closing mechanisms
  • nestable and stackable components
  • unlimited selection of colors
  • personalized design option

Generally, the products are designed with a standard wall thickness of 2.5mm, however 2.2mm to 3.0mm thickness can be defined upon customer specifications. The packaging is ultralight, usually falls between 165-180 grams/L which leads to a weight reduction of up to 40% compared to other conventional packages.

 Key Features:

  • 100% paper recyclable
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Customizable design option
  • Made from biobased ingredients
  • Custom-fit protection
  • Nestable and stackable
  • Resistant and dimensionally stable
  • Weight reduction and space optimization
  • Wide array of colors and textures
  • Safe, non-toxic and environmental friendly


The molding technology enables the maximum freedom of design and high level of detail.

Therefore, Eco-Paper Inner Packaging can be applied for a wide range of industries such as consumer Electronics, Medical devices, Food, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics.

Composed of only natural ingredients, our Eco-Paper Inner Packaging is proven to be 100% organic, non-toxic and GMO free (tested and certified by ISEGA). Thus, the material is also safe for the use of packaging in the food sector.

More importantly, Eco-Paper Inner Packaging is a great alternative to substitute fossil-based packagings such as plastics, meeting the ever-growing demands of greener packaging.


It is with great confidence that we can say that our Eco-Paper Inner Packaging is as green as it gets.

The ingredients are bio-based and renewable.

The production – using very low water consumption and has a significantly low carbon footprint – is proudly sustainable.

The material – can break down naturally in matter of weeks without leaving any toxicity in the soil – is 100% compostable and earth-friendly.

From its inception to the end of the life cycle, Eco-Paper Inner Packaging has taken into account all aspects of sustainability to become a leading solution in the environmentally-friendly packaging arena available today.