Flexi-Hex® is a revolutionary packaging solution, paper-based with a unique hexagonal cell structure that makes it extremely flexible and adaptable to the shape of the product placed within. The honeycomb is robust, lightweight, and expandable, designed to protect a wide range of fragile items from bottles to larger industrial items. It can be applied in a wide range of industrial sectors, such as winery, beauty, pharma, etc. Flexi-Hex® uses minimal materials thus enhancing products’ protection while reducing shipping and storage costs and being a superior alternative to plastic packaging.


  • Made from paper – 100% plastic-free!
  • Recyclable
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Water-based adhesive
  • Compact in storage space
  • Flexible & Protective

Flexi-Hex® is the alternative to plastic packaging, made from recycled paper pulp, uses water-based adhesive, is plastic-free, recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable in 6 weeks!  The honeycomb engineered design can expand up to 35 times its compact size, thus ensuring protection and fit over a wide variety of shapes and sizes.   It has passed the EU drop tests, thanks to its engineered shape and capability to protect fragile items from impact thus significantly reducing breakage rates.    Moreover, the flexible nature of the hexagonal structure allows the material to be easily adjusted to any product shape and size, giving it various applications in different packaging sectors.

Flexi-Hex® is also lightweight and takes up little storage space in its compressed form, reducing storage costs and transport trips and costs.

  • Made entirely from cardboard
  • Recyclable, biodegradable & compostable
  • Robust and Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and user-friendly
  • Space and time saving
  • Protective: high compression resistance
  • Flexible and adaptable shape



Flexi-Hex® is made from recycled paper, recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, and 100% plastic-free! Moreover, it is made using minimal material, water-based adhesive, and has a clean design.


Thanks to its innovative design, Flexi-Hex® expands and adheres around products of all shapes and sizes, also being functional, effective protection, and attractive.


Flexi-Hex® is a reliable packaging alternative to plastic packagings, such as bubble, air pillows, and other void fill, with far less impact on the environment. In addition, it is compostable in 6 weeks!

Aside from being plastic-free, Flexi-Hex® even has a multi-use lifespan. This feature alone scores a two-fold benefit on sustainability. Economically, Flexi-Hex® is cost-effective and beneficial to supply chain efficiency. While environmentally, it generates the greatest value of the circular economy – preventing waste.