Eco-Transparent Paper PolyBag

Fast fashion is out, ethical fashion is in.

From the initial need of the fashion industry in combating the exaggerated use of polybag, Eco-Transparent Paper Bag was born.

Made from paper, which is circular by nature, our Eco-Transparent Paper Bag offers an innovative and unique alternative to the conventional clear plastic bags, without compromising on its beneficial features. As transparency is a key requirement, our line of envelopes use translucent paper material that allows the garment and handtag to be viewed, ensuring 100% your brand aesthetic.

Moreover, these transparent bags act as a barrier to protect your garments throughout its journey, but instead of taking hundreds of years to degrade into smaller pieces, are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

As ethical fashion is on the rise, our Eco-Transparent Paper Bag is a solution that not only facilitates the end customer in disposal, but that responds to the green needs of the customers, triggering a virtuous circle of sustainability.