Eco-Tape Reduced Plastic 15my

Eco-Tape Reduced Plastic 15my is the new generation of adhesive tape that combines environment-consciousness with superior quality for a wide range of applications.

Born out of an innovative patented concept, Eco-tape Reduced Plastic provides the same quality performance with a thinner 15 micron (my) profile, instead of the traditional 28my thickness. That is nearly 50% plastic reduction!

This unique product is composed of a solvent-free adhesive and a support polyester film. Made from rubber and synthetic resin with hot melt glue, the adhesive coating offers exceptional adhesion strength, high initial tack and lifelong holding power to a variance of substrates.

Customization option is available in which Eco-Tape Reduced Plastic can be printed up to eight colors on plain or colored background. Using the sandwich technology, the printing is trapped between the film and the adhesive to guarantee the highest quality, durability and protection.

  • Reduced plastic used – up to 50%!
  • High resistance performance
  • Thinner supports and longer rolls
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Weight, cost and space saving
  • Custom printing option
  • Suitable for wide range of cardboards