Extra-large paper sacks designed for automotive.

  • Optimizing transport space and costs;
  • External layer printed with your logo and product information;
  • 100% compostable and recyclable

Detailed description

Eco-Extra-Large Paper Sacks are designed to protect spare parts and components in the automotive industry. These paper sacks help to optimize the shipping space of any kind of automotive parts and also can be used instead of bigger boxes. Our Eco-Extra-Large Paper Sacks are:

  • 100% compostable and recyclable
  • designed for the automotive industry
  • good for optimizing transport space and costs
  • Customized printing on the external layers available upon request
  • Different sizes: width from 300 mm to 1200 mm
  • Available in different compositions that ensure a different level of protection: “from 2 to 5 layers of Kraft paper – Fluting Embossed – MG Kraft – Tissue paper”
  • Possibility to choose among  different forms available: “long side open (for bumpers), tubular (for spoilers), handle sacks (for side windows), tissue sacks (for chrome parts)”


The Eco-Extra-Large Paper Sacks are designed as protection for different types of spare parts in the automotive industry. Additionally, they help to reduce packaging space instead of using cardboard boxes and also make transportation cost-effective. Products inside the paper sacks will be protected due to its multi-layer structure, this provides cushioned protection for spare parts.

Added value

Eco-Extra-Large Paper Sacks reduce significantly packaging volume with cost savings, both financial and environmental impact thanks to the recycled material used.

Paper sacks are multi-layers to ensure the protection of the spare parts from scratches and damage.

The kraft paper, made of recycled material is eco-sustainable, furthermore, the Eco-Extra-Large Paper Sacks optimize the usage of storage and transport space, helping to reduce CO2 Footprint.


Our Eco-Extra-Large Paper Sacks are eco-sustainable because of the kraft paper that is made out of recycled raw material. Therefore the kraft paper is 100% recyclable and compostable.