In Botta Packaging, manufacturing tradition and innovation come together.


We have rethought the way we do business, integrating business strategies with new digital processes. The adoption of a “technological culture” has allowed us to orient our company towards digital innovation, involving our people in order to take up this challenge.

We are introducing several technological innovations in the company to enhance skills and make work agile, all in support of the company’s business so as to be even more competitive in a market considered mature. The use of artificial intelligence and robotics technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), allows us to automate back and front office processes. This leads us to optimise processes in a lean and continuous improvement perspective, with a reduction of costs and margin of error, increasing customer satisfaction.

File sharing systems allow us to share information in a smarter way, encouraging the exchange of information between employees and thus optimising time.

According with the new consumer paradigm, our external communication is carried out through social networks and the decision-making processes related to it are powered by advanced algorithms applied to Search Engine Optimisation.

We believe that digital transformation is an element of growth, which is why we are working to combine it in sync with technology and strategy in the name of the tradition that distinguishes us.

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